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Eligibility: This course is only available to 12 students and will be prioritised to students who would like to progress on achieving the course to working for Alive Leisure at one of their Swimming pools (St James – Kings Lynn, Downham, Oasis – Hunstanton) and are currently performing well on and completed their CWA course.
You must also be able to:
• Jump or dive in to the pool in deep water
• Swim 50 meters in 1 minute or less
• Swim 100 meters continuously on front and then on back
• Tread water in deep water for 30 seconds
• Surface dive to the deepest part of the pool
• Climb out of the pool unaided, without using steps
• Two whistle hearing test.


Detailed Description

Cost: of the course is an initial payment of £100 and on successful completion of the course you will receive a £45 refund meaning the actual cost of the course if you are successful is £55.

Location: Alive St James Swimming and Fitness Centre


Water Test: Monday 16th May 1:45-4pm

Day 1: Monday 20th June 12pm-4pm

Day 2: Tuesday 21st June 12pm-4pm

Day 3: Thursday 23rd June 12pm-4pm

Day 4: Monday 27th June 12pm-4pm

Day 5: Tuesday 28th June 12pm-4pm

Day 6: Thursday 30th June 12pm-4pm

Day 7: Monday 4th June 12pm-4pm

Day 8: Tuesday 5th July 12pm-4pm

Day 9: Thursday 7th July 12pm-4pm

Day 10: Friday 8th July 12pm-4pm

You must then undertake the water test on Monday 16th May 1-4pm and have a professional discussion with the Programme Manager for Sport and then the 12 successful candidates will be confirmed.  If you are unsuccessful you will receive a full refund.  If you are successful there is no refund and you will only receive £45 return if you are successful and pass the course.